21 Dec 2011


OK, so what is there here?

I started a few weeks ago by taking my old recordings, many of which have already been digitised, and uploading them to the internet where they can be seen at:  Midhurst Media Archive on YouTube

 “Midhurst Media Archive” is perhaps a little pretentious. It isn't the Midhurst media archive, it is just one of them - mine.  But I couldn't think of a better title so that’s what it is for now. Other archives are available.

If they are already on YouTube why have this blog? Well a couple of reasons. A blog has a much greater capacity for posting descriptions, comments and additional material such as pictures, than is available on YouTube. In addition, cross-linking two sites improves the search engine rankings.

At the time of writing the excellent Midhurst pages hosted by Violet Designs is still going strong. However it looks like some of the other Midhurst related websites are broken in some way. The forum on Midhurst.net has been disabled and the Midhurst Society’s website is currently an advert for retiring in Australia. Therefore it seems to me that I wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes by starting this blog.

A notice about the material here: all the uploads adhere to YouTube’s  rules on copyright and it is not my intention to breach anybody’s rights. I have not provided anything that is commercially available and where appropriate music has been edited out. Nevertheless, if you find something that you think should not be here please let me know.


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  1. I see the Midhurst Society website is now back in business at http://www.midhurstsociety.org.uk/