23 Dec 2011

"Down Your Way" 4. Gladys Werry


Time now for Brian Johnston to discover more about stoolball so it's off to Little Ashfield to talk to the president of Midhurst Stoolball Club, Mrs. Gladys Werry. Not surprisingly the discussion involves several comparisons between this ancient Sussex game and cricket, Johnners rather tactfully covering his scepticism at the suggestion that the Sussex game is older.

Mrs. Werry reveals in the interview that she was previously a player for the club and was once skipper. Beyond that I have not discovered much about Gladys bar this (dare I say slightly amusing)  article from the Reading Eagle of 21 March 1971 which shows she had been widowed by the time of the recording.

The music choice was Harry Secombe singing the Drinking Song which comes, of course, from The Student Prince.

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