21 Dec 2011

Midhurst Grammar School Strike 1962


Mick Robertson was well known in the seventies as the presenter of the children's television programme Magpie, and following that Freetime. He was also a former pupil of Midhurst Grammar School and took part in the student demo of 1962 in protest at the UK government's "mute acquiescence" to the worsening situation in Cuba.

This clip is from the Noel Edmonds hosted BBC show The Time of Your Life from 1982 in which Mick talks about his experience of some twenty years earlier and his thoughts about the headmaster that permitted the protest, NBC "Luke" Lucas.

As is common with these recordings, the first few seconds are missing due to the time lag involved between realising the importance of the item and getting the recorder up and running with a blank tape in. What is missing is the newspaper articles being read (in the same way as the ones that conclude the clip). I have substituted a scan from the local paper as reproduced in the book "Midhurst Grammar School Remembered", which itself carries an item on the strike.

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