22 Dec 2011

"Down Your Way" 2. Philip Tatham


As the Band of the Grenadier Guards playing Richard Knight's musical selection Sussex By The Sea fades away, Brian Johnston moves to Cowdray Park to interview the Polo Manager, Colonel Philip Tatham.

By coincidence, I completed my work on this upload on the day of the 35th anniversary of Colonel Tatham's death in December 1976. I emailed Robert Collingwood, the owner of the Tatham Family History website, who added a link to the interview. The site contains a lot of details about the colonel's interesting life and career, but sadly neither Robert nor I have a picture of  "Bolshie" Tatham so instead I inserted one of Brian Johnston into the video.

As mentioned yesterday, the recording level problem effecting the first interview had been sorted out so this segment, and the ones that follow, are quite audible.

Colonel Tatham's music choice was The Keel Row played by the Band of the Honourable Artillery Company.

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